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It's the Mental Health System that's
broken & needs fixing. Not you. 

You were taught to believe that anxiety/ADHD is the enemy that must be battled daily until it is completely eradicated. This is why your healing journey might feel so difficult- because you are expected to achieve an impossible goal: to rid yourself of anxiety/ADHD entirely. However, these conditions can actually be essential for your survival and even your ability to thrive! By striving to eliminate them, you are inadvertently setting yourself up for feelings of failure and frustration.

Why not break free from this cycle that keeps you stuck?
Why not step into a more fulfilling process of healing instead?

In its true sense, healing is the process of transforming your mind, body, and
conditions to function as they were intended. And they were always meant to
help you, not harm you.
Healing grants you the freedom to live fully, unrestricted by the hold of your fears.
You become liberated to consciously select your responses to symptoms and triggers. Moreover, you gain the freedom to convert your pain into personal strength and empowerment.
In other words, you receive the gift of 
transforming your inner critic into an inner cheerleader and trusted confidant!

No more:
1. Squeezing yourself into unrealistic and unkind (also known as neurotypical) standards.
2. Feeling invalidated and let down by mental health help that fails to consider the unique impact of your ADHD/anxiety, taking into account your experiences, identities, beliefs, and more.
3. Enduring the pain of being undiagnosed or receiving a delayed diagnosis, and having to navigate unmasking without guidance or support. (Or worse, receiving misguided advice, especially from someone who does not understand neurodivergence.)
In short, you no longer have to let your conditions and insufficient mental health support hold you back from being your true, highest Self!

Healing can be...  


This is probably not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about healing. However, it's important to recognize that you have the power to infuse more ease into your journey. Often, without realizing it, we make it more challenging than it truly needs to be. By gaining awareness of this tendency, you can navigate healing with greater ease and a lighter touch.


Take the confusion out of your life. You don't have to feel frustrated, wondering how you're going to get the help you need or what the next step is on your healing journey. While occasional moments of uncertainty are natural, your path to healing doesn't have to be a perpetual guessing game that leaves you feeling lost and frustrated.


You deserve to receive help and support that meets you exactly where you are, taking into account your unique qualities and values. When healing embraces your individuality, it becomes an incredibly rewarding journey. It's liberating to let go of arbitrary rules that keep us stuck. Embracing your way of doing things adds an element of joy and excitement to the process. It becomes so much more fun! 


Healing solely for the purpose of eliminating something doesn't evoke excitement or motivation. What if healing meant not only managing your symptoms but also unlocking the numerous benefits that come with a more healed state of ADHD/Anxiety? This transformative growth and level-up will undoubtedly have a profound impact on all areas of your life.

To learn more about this way of healing, check out my blog

or click below if you're curious to know how I can help you heal... 

Hi, I'm Danya!

Mental and emotional health awareness is a cause that holds a special place in my heart. I'm a psychology major at the University of British Columbia, currently taking time off as I am fully dedicated to pursuing my passion of helping individuals like you. As a certified coach with a deep curiosity for all things related to mental and emotional well-being (yes, it's definitely my "ADHD special interest"), I have devoted my entire life to this cause.


Being a late-diagnosed ADHD woman with anxiety, my rich lived experience allows me to offer unique insights and wisdom in my content and services. I find great fulfillment in helping overly anxious ADHD'ers effectively manage their symptoms and cultivate a positive relationship with their mental health conditions. 

I'm especially passionate about helping authentic, quirky, "witchy," empathetic, high-functioning/masking neurodivergent women and AFAB people. It resonates deeply with me, as I personally identify with those qualities—I truly understand and empathize with you!

I also LOVE: yoga, writing, reading, learning, singing, genuine connections, dancing, unique perspectives/neurodivergent thinking, creating spaces where people feel free to be themselves, dogs, trees, strawberries & chocolate, The Office, Orange is the New Black, naming way too many things on a list :) 

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