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The Mental Health System is
broken & needs fixing. Not you. 

You were taught to believe that anxiety/ADHD is the enemy that has to be battled daily until it's completely gone. This is why healing feels so hard... because you're expected to achieve an impossible goal- "getting rid" of anxiety/ADHD. These conditions are essential for you to survive and even thrive! So, you're only setting yourself up for feelings of failure & frustration when you try to "get rid" of them.
Why not step out of this cycle that keeps you stuck?
Why not step into a more fulfilling process of healing instead? 

In it's true sense, healing is the process of transforming our brain, body & conditions to work the way they were meant to. And they were always meant to help, not harm us. 

Healing means that you get to live freely. Free from the controlling grasp of your fears. 
Free to choose how you respond to your symptoms & triggers.
Free to transform your pain into your personal power
To transform your inner critic into an inner cheerleader & confidant! 


No more:
1. Squeezing yourself to fit into unrealistic & unkind (aka neurotypical) standards
2.  Feeling invalidated & let down by mental health help that doesn't consider how your adhd/anxiety uniquely affects YOU because of your experiences, identities, beliefs, etc. 
3. Dealing with the pain of being un/late diagnosed & having to unmask with no guidance or support. (Or worse, the wrong kind of guidance- especially from someone who's not neurodivergent.) 
In short- no more holding yourself back from who you want to be because of your conditions & inadequate mental health support. 


Healing can be...  

To learn more about this way of healing, check out my blog

or click below if you're curious to know how I can help you heal... 


I know this is not the first word that comes to your mind when you think healing. But, you can add more ease to your journey.. we tend to make it harder than it needs to be without knowing. 


Take the confusion out of your life. You don't have to feel frustrated wondering how you're going to get the help you need, or what the next step is on your healing journey. While it's very normal to feel uncertain at times, your healing journey doesn't have to be a guessing game that leaves you lost & frustrated. 


You deserve help & support that meets you where you are, and considers who you are in all your uniqueness & values. Healing feels rewarding when we get to ditch the arbitrary rules & do it our way. So much more fun!


Healing just for the sake of getting rid of something doesn't feel exciting or motivating. What if healing meant that you get to manage your symptoms of course, but also that you can tap into the many benefits that healed ADHD/Anxiety can give you. This level up/growth will undoubtedly be reflected in the rest of your life. 

Hi, I'm Danya!

Mental/emotional health awareness is a cause that's very close to my heart. I'm a psychology major at the University of British Columbia, currently taking time off to focus on my passion which is helping people like you! I'm also a certified coach who's always loved learning about all things mental/emotional health (yes, it's most certainly my "ADHD special interest"). It's safe to say I've dedicated my whole life to this cause.


As a late-diagnosed ADHD woman with anxiety, I bring a lot of my unique insights & wisdom to my content + offers due to my rich lived experience. I enjoy helping overly anxious adhders effectively manage their symptoms & form a beneficial relationship with their mental health conditions. 

I'm especially passionate about helping quirky & authentic, "witchy", empathetic, high-functioning/masking neurodivergent women. Cuz... that's essentially a description of all things I resonate + identify deeply with- I FEEL ya <3  

I LOVE: yoga, writing, reading, learning, singing, genuine connections, dancing, unique perspectives/neurodivergent thinking, making people feel welcome to be themselves, dogs, trees, strawberries & chocolate, The Office, Orange is the New Black, naming way too many things on a list :) 

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