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About Danya

Hello! It's so great to virtually meet you. I'm the co-founder (and the 'D' part) of R&D along with my sister, Roopa. I am the face of our company and the one who conducts all the coaching sessions. Roopa is more of a behind-the-scenes expert.

I have built my fruitful life with the principles of empathy, knowledge, and being of service to others so the world can change for the better, one person at a time. I have seen first hand how my life transformed when I started applying the various practices we are teaching here at R&D for humanity. I've had anxiety since I was a kid & learnt to have a different perspective on it that completely transformed my experience of it. This is what I teach clients in my signature program Anxious & Aware™. I'm so passionate about raising awareness about more healthier ways to view & use anxiety so that it benefits YOU!


 I don't take the responsibility of influencing lives lightly at all. It is so important that I am offering something of real value to you beautiful humans, and so that is what you'll find here!

Other than that, I'm a highly empathetic gal who likes to connect with people, sing, dance and write. I love learning and am a student for life but also currently a Psychology student at the University of British Columbia.  

About Roopa

Hi there! I'm Roopa, a former Engineering and current Business major. I love problem resolution and building creative structures and processes in an organized and tangible way, so that's how I help run our business behind the scenes.


As a proud mother of one, parenting has taught me how a little nurturing can go a long way and how every thread counts in the blanket of life. I truly enjoy learning and I thrive on reading & leading people. I am an expert of my own experience just like you all are. I have mastered the ability to harness the power of experiences to channel love, to heal, to create and empower. And I'm so excited to influence others to do the same.
Your experiences don’t define you, you define you and it is important to redefine yourself every time you experience something. I would love to be a part of your defining process. Wish you love and light in all your decisions.


FAQs about R&D

What is your company's mission?

To make progressive growth and change more accessible. We want to revive the sacred humanity and potential that lives inside all of us. Change the world (mentally & emotionally) for the better- one person at a time.

What is "Anxious & Aware"? 

There is a way of dealing with anxiety that is not often talked about & definitely not taught at all in the coaching/counselling industry. Anxiety is actually very helpful & can benefit us immensely... when we know how to use it & channel it properly :) 

This is what my signature program Anxious & Aware™ helps you do. Check out the Anxious & Aware™ page for all the juicy deets & to learn more about how I help you use your anxiety to your advantage! 

What are your qualifications to coach me? 

Such an important question! My clients put their trust in me when they give me the honour of helping them on their mental health/anxiety journey & I will always take that seriously. 

Apart from being a certified (master) NLP & CBT coach from an accredited training program, I am also a 4th year psychology major at the University of British Columbia. Apart from my course work at school, I am always educating & updating myself on all things psychology and mental health, especially anxiety. You can say I'm a bit of a psych nerd 🤓 

More importantly, I have first hand experience with healing my own anxiety & other mental health conditions so I have a unique perspective which really helps me coach others. I'm very empathetic & analytical which helps me meet my clients where they're at with the utmost compassion while also uncovering their pain points & guiding them to a more serving place. Coaching & being of service to others on their mental health journey is something I've always been passionate about & skilled in so I'm really driven to show up wholly for you! 

Feel free to come say hi on my instagram & get to know me better :) 

Why the name "R&D for humanity"? 

Well firstly, as you might have guessed, the 'R' & 'D' stand for Roopa & me (Danya). But also, R&D stands for Research & Development. It is a business term that explains the whole process that a company goes through in order to be up & running succesfully. So, as a play on words, we apply that R&D concept to humanity. While the world we live in has no issues in getting Research & Development done for companies, we are lacking the ability to do that for ourselves- for humanity. Hence the name "R&D for humanity". It's time to put people first & that's what we do here by giving YOU all the necessary resources, guidance & support to be up & running succesfully in your mental + emotional wellness journey :) 

Where can I find free stuff?

Be sure to check out the "Free gift for you" section for a super cool guide that is sure to add value to your life! You can also subscribe to our mailing list so you're always on top of the latest info, offers & freebies! 

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