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Become aware. Gain control. Thrive. 

                   (In just 6 weeks!) 

"My anxiety is ruining & taking over my life!" 

"It's SO tough to function with anxiety. I can't get anything done nor am I able to have quality social relationships"

"No one understands just how much my anxiety holds me back from living the life I want!"

Do these words (or some version of them) keep replaying in the back of your mind? 

Do you want to break free from the chains of anxiety that keep you from freedom & fulfilment?

I feel you! Hi! I'm Danya, a certified anxiety coach & psychology major. But also someone who has been affected by Generalized Anxiety Disorder since I was a kid. I was in your shoes not too long ago...


I was tired of always putting on a facade- not having the "real me" shine through because of the loud presence of anxiety that was dictating my every moment.

My anxiety was my worst enemy, it affected my relationships, my work, school & productivity in general + it was keeping me from doing things that I loved & was passionate about.

 I tried everything to get "rid" of it (therapy, meds, heck even weed!). While those things did help me to an extent, some of my symptoms still persisted & I felt like I was missing something that would really help me heal my anxiety. 

That's when I began my journey to commit to myself & establish a newer, more wholesome relationship with anxiety. And let me just say- it changed everything. 

 If you resonate even a little with my story, then I know that this path can be for you too! 

One of my clients was also in the same position as you might be and look at how much her anxiety experience transformed after us working together!


We have been taught to view anxiety as the enemy. The thing that must be diminished, overcome, stopped, in our lives. This is a very valid response given how debilitating anxiety can be, but are you ready for a very harsh truth bomb? 

You can never fully get rid of anxiety. 

No matter what all the "gurus" out there are preaching to you, anxiety is a natural and very necessary fear response! It helps us survive & pushes our human race forward in many ways. So, we shouldn't even want to get rid of it. Yet, thats been the goal of anxiety healing for many.

When we try to get rid of anxiety we are only setting ourselves up to fail. How do we win?

By learning how to embrace it. By taking on a different perspective of it. By forming a healthier relationship with it, ultimately by using it to benefit us like it's meant to. 

This is the path that has transformed not only my journey with anxiety but also my life as a whole. My clients feel the same way too! Here's what happens when you go on this path... you: 

Become aware of your anxiety patterns & gain clarity behind the causes & triggers of your anxiety 

Respond to anxiety in a much more effective way so you can gain your control + power back, manage your symptoms and live life on your terms.

Integrate and channel anxiety into your life in a way that positively benefits you. Rather than fully pushing it away (which is actually impossible to do & leaves you feeling worse). 

Carve out a unique process of being productive that takes your anxiety and it's impact into account so you can stop trying (and hopelessly failing) to copy the ways of those who aren't as affected by anxiety.

Learn how to have fulfilling social relationships even with social anxiety

Maintain your new relationship with anxiety & thrive by using it! 

 "Okay yeah that seems really great, but how will I ever be able to do all that?" 

That's where Anxious & Aware™ comes in! This is my signature program that has helped many brave anxious folks just like you get life-changing results: 


When you sign up for Anxious & Aware™ you will have lifetime access to:

4 Modules with video & audio lessons (for when you're on the go). They are jam packed with valuable, step by step, info on how to gain control of anxiety & use it to your advantage with my unique Analyzed Anxiety Process™ [VALUE: $800 (but really, priceless!)]

Weekly support through live coaching calls where I personally answer ALL your questions & help you with your unique problems. All calls will be recorded & stored in your client portal. [VALUE: $480]  

A client portal with easy access to communicate with me, live call recordings, program modules & ALL the resources you'll need for your anxiety healing journey (I'm talking practice worksheets, handouts, guides, strategy lists + more!) [VALUE: $200]

A FREE BONUS: "Succeeding in the Modern World with Anxiety " package. This is where I teach you how to be wholesomely productive & have quality social relationships even with anxiety! These are the two areas most anxious folks have trouble with. You only get this free when you invest in Anxious & Aware™ [VALUE: $250]

When you become a "Warrior" (that's what I call all my wonderful clients who complete this program!), you get exclusive promos & discounts on all R&D for humanity services + products. You also get access to all the improvements & additions this program will go through in the future! [VALUE: $100] 

Finally, just so you have some extra support apart from our calls, you will be added to my soon-to-come private FB group with your fellow Warriors so you can make some new connections & be there for each other :)  [VALUE: again, priceless!] 

Value of Program

$1830 USD

Price You are getting it for

(Because you deserve to take your life back from anxiety!) 

$399 USD Only!!

(Payment Plan of $70/week available!)

And if you're not satisfied, we even have a 14 day money back guarantee* 

That's how sure I am that Anxious & Aware will really help you! 


Are you ready to make THE BEST investment for your mental/emotional wellness?

If so, lets do this damn thing & get your life back from the grips of anxiety! 


Join our community of brave Warriors who have gained a lot of value from this program! 


What others are saying about Anxious & Aware™: 

If you have anxiety and you are struggling, you HAVE to take this program! It helped me so much in reducing my anxiety and also teaching me how to deal with it when anxiety happens! I also have a more loving relationship with anxiety now. It's so much better!!!


It was meaningful and revelatory. I learned a lot about myself and how to accept and manage my anxiety. Danya is extremely knowledgeable, insightful and encouraging. The informative documents, such as the productivity strategies, etc were extremely helpful as well. They have become an extremely valuable resource to me. I enjoyed the format of the lessons as well. The audio/video slides are great for when I'm working or on the go.


I had tried many things before and had almost given up and just accepted that my anxiety will torment me forever. But after taking this program, I am a lot more at peace and can really control my anxiety now. You should really try it out!


*Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of my clients as anxiety is a sensitive topic.

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READY to go from WORRIER to WARRIOR?? Click below to apply for Anxious & Aware™👇🏽

 (Your new path awaits! ☺️)

Note: There is an application process so I can make sure that those who want in are truly a good fit for this program.* If you are not, I will direct you to other services/resources that might help you better :) 


When you submit the application, I will be in touch with you via the email address provided (within 2 business days max) 

*If you want to make sure you're a

good fit, check out the FAQ section below... 

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