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A Wholesome Perspective on Anxiety

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

is a dreaded word & sensation for many people who face the impact of it in their daily lives. When we think of anxiety, we think of suffering, tension, pressure, and just pure horror. But... it doesn't have to be that way. Anxiety only worsens when we associate with it negatively, creating what is called "meta anxiety" where we are anxious about having anxiety.
What if learning about it and understanding its true purpose can help us not only manage it but form a more wholesome relationship with it? (A positive “what if” for a change). Forming a healthier relationship with anxiety means that we no longer see it as something that we have to live in constant fear of. It’s important to debunk widespread myths about anxiety in order to improve our relationship with it.
Your anxiety is NOT out to get you. I know this can be shocking to hear because it does not feel that way & you've heard the opposite all your life. The truth is that anxiety is a very important emotion. It alerts us whenever there is a threat or stressor in our environment so we can tend to it. It’s meant to help & protect you. When you learn to cope with anxiety & channel it in a healthy way, you’ll stop seeing it as the enemy.
No one can really "get rid" of their anxiety.
Even if we could, we shouldn’t want to. We all need some level of anxiety to survive (and dare I say, thrive). It's a necessary stress response that we are
hardwired to experience. Yet, this is the goal of healing for many & only leads to frustration.
You don't have to label it as a "disorder" or “illness” If a certain label helps you feel validated, access treatment, or understand yourself better- that's great! Use it. However, some people find that it can also add to the stigma they might already be feeling about experiencing anxiety intensely & frequently. Label your anxiety as it helps you. There are no other rules.
In order to be happy, you have to be stress/anxiety free.
Two or more emotions can exist at the same time. As humans, we are quite complex & accepting the complexity of your emotions means you're healing. It's limiting to believe that you have to earn happiness by eliminating your anxiety. Stress is a natural + inevitable part of life, & it is possible to make peace with that. There is such a thing as “good stress”. It implies that we care deeply about something & that’s beautiful if you ask me.

It's time to let go of these myths. They’re only keeping you from seeing your anxiety in a wholesome way & ultimately healing it. Instead of fleeing or fighting against your anxiety, feel & flow with it. Embracing anxiety makes life a whole lot easier... and I’m guessing you could use more ease.

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