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Wise ADDvice 

Listen, I know the struggle.

Getting advice from someone who doesn't understand

your neurodivergence can be

frustrating  (to say the least). Which is

why I think it's important to have

someone who not only understands

how your brain works, but also takes it

into consideration when giving advice. 

I would be honoured to be that

person for you!

As an ADHD woman with anxiety, I can truly relate to where you're coming from. My own healing journey has given me many valuable insights, the kind that only comes from lived experience. I'm also a certified coach & psychology major. Learning about all things mental/emotional health, ADHD & anxiety, is what lights my lil brain up! So, it's safe to say that I'm quite well informed on these topics.

If you choose to book my ADDvice services, I can assure you that...

  • You WON'T get basic advice that you could've googled yourself, or heard from your ableist school counsellor. 

  • You WILL get an empathetic ear & personalized, practical (ADHD/Anxiety friendly) advice. I might even offer you additional resources to help you going forward. 

  • You can seek my help on any problems related to your mental/emotional health, productivity, relationships, healing, ADHD & Anxiety. The only thing I ask is you read the disclaimer below so you know what to expect!

  • My qualifications, knowledge, wisdom from lived experience, neurodivergent thinking & amazing problem solving skills will be put to great use. I'll do my very best to give you advice that would best suit YOU. 


        You might have 99 problems but this won't be one :) 

ADDvice Formats


Wise ADDvice is NOT equivalent to/a substitute for 

traditional therapy. I'm NOT a licensed counsellor or therapist. I'm simply helping you solve your specific problems & overcome certain challenges through my advice. If you need more ongoing & intensive mental health support, please reach out to a professional.

IF you are in crisis, pls click here for resources <3

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